Today I Learned #3: Solving Comeonin problems on Windows!

Hello there!

I did some Elixir tutorial back in the day and there was a need for Comeonin lib. It’s used for hashing passwords, so you store them securely. I had enormous problems with mix deps.compile because of it.

Here’s what you do if you stumble with deps error

  1. The long way:
    1. Open cmd
    2. Go to Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 14.0\VC
    3. Type vcvarsall.bat amd64
    4. !important! using THE SAME cmd window go to you project
    5. Compile - you have to redo all the steps everytime :(
  2. Easy way:
    1. Use Pbkdf2 algorithm. It needs no C compiler :D

And I used the second way while developing something mine. Works like a charm. As for me algorithm didn’t really matter (each own has it’s own pros and cons) I went with the least problematic one.

PS: What’s funny for some there’s no need for being in the same console/repeating those steps, but I wasn’t that lucky :(

Written on September 27, 2017