Hello, world!

I decided to participate in GetNoticed. Short story even shorter, it’s about writing OpenSource code and blog about it (and IT).

I chose to make a port of old game - The Settlers II in Elixir. Being more specific I will focus only (or mainly) on backend. Why?

  • I've never made any "serious" app in Elixir/Erlang/F# any other functional language - this seems like a good opportunity
  • I feel like this is the good way of learning Elixir itself
  • Creating backend only will force me to solve some challenging design problems
  • UI will be easily changeable, so anyone can make their own version of game. Imagine The Settlers 2 in space, or Stone Age!
  • I feel like there's not enough "nice" code in the GameDev world. One project won't make a difference, but won't hurt as well
  • It's a scary challenge
  • I love this game

I will deep dive into details with next posts. Also, expect at least one commit per week! Here’s repository for the project on GitHub for you to follow.

Written on March 1, 2017